Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5: More Spraying

Time is currently 6:53 and it's begun again. The sky is currently cloudless, and looking to be a bright blue sky day. This will not last, as the laying down of trails has already begun. Starting as usual with dashes from the east towards the west.

I am sorry that I can't upload the pictures, as this most basic of computers just doesn't seem to want to recognize that there is a camera attached to it (it's okay since is doesn't seem to think there is a printer attached as well). I will upload a bunch when I have got a new machine.

If you're in Ottawa, just look up and to the east and they are plain as day.

It's such a mystery.

Update 9:34: No more trails have been seen, apart from a couple very scraggly dashes to the south south eastern section of the city. So far, the sky is blue, deep and clear.

I'll keep watching.

Update: While busy most of the afternoon and not noticing too much action in the sky, I did catch some amazing trails late in the afternoon. Four massive streaks spanning the entire sky from east to west into the setting sun. I took some pics, will work on my computer problem.

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