Friday, March 12, 2010

March 11 and 12: Trails Abound

Well, just since I seem to have been logging all this on a daily basis, just thought I'd mention that they're at it again - all day yesterday and this AM too. It's 7:57 right now and I can see three clear trails in the south eastern sky. I don't doubt that this will continue all day long, as it does, darn near every bloody day.


  1. do you think this could be contributing to your not feeling well?

    I really wonder, why Ottawa is under this kind of treatment, is it to keep the politicians in order, or what?

    NOthing here like that at all.

  2. Hey Penny - yeah I've wondered that too. I usually do get a bit of a runny nose in the spring due to moulds, but nothing like this. The cold seems to be over, but I am still sneezing and dripping... arghhhhh.

    It's funny ya know, cuz these trails don't follow the usual air traffic routes, none go near the airport at all. It's truly a mystery - and since my stupid MP won't even talk to me anymore (as if that jerk would do anything anyway) going any kind of official route for an explanation won't work for me.

    It's really gross.