Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4: Chemtrails over Ottawa

They're at it again this morning, 6:33 spraying from east to west, one long dash, followed by a equal length of clear space and then another long dash.

As with yesterday I suspect they will continue this aersol blight for the rest of the morning.

Update: 7:18 a really nice long one, no dashes, east to west (the preferred spraying direction around here).

Update: Well, they were spraying all morning, a few X's were visible for a long time (hours). Just now, 1:59 there is a new trail being laid down going south to north, unusual I dare say.

I will try to get some pictures uploaded if I can find the software for my camera and get this 'new' computer with the program.


  1. After seeing many, at least 6 chem trails and more being put down from east to west over Ottawa at 9 this morning (June 7th, 2012), I must say I was concerned. I had forgot about it though until I saw them continuing when I left work at 5. Many more all the way home, in long east to west lines. Today was a hot and calm day however we just had a storm roll though with some heavy rain (at around 9pm). I don't know if that was part of the plan or not, but it sure would be an effective way to get what ever they are spraying down to the ground. I really hope this isn't anything bad.

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