Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I've seen em doing it again

No pics, but you can trust me... ;)

They've been at it again, over the long weekend here. Lot's of dashes and dots, always running from east to west.

I will attempt to be better with the camera, I have a few shots from December and January, will get them up at some point.

I did read somewhere about alot of heavy spraying in the Surrey region in BC.

I wonder... how are they going to sell this behaviour now that AGW is in the tank? Weather modification seemed to be the 'explanation' that was beginning to unfold - they are spraying to reduce 'global warming'.

That isn't going to work anymore though is it??

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I know Volcanoes aren't Clouds.. but...

As our media continues to hawk Global Warming there have been reports of the Arctic sea ice melting, has anyone thought that perhaps the massive volcanic systems which line the Arctic Basin might just add a little 'heat' to the water?

Fire Under Arctic Ice

We are talking pyroclastic flows under the ocean! This is extraordinary as most underwater eruptions are flows and not explosive in nature.

Just keep and open mind and always ask who benefits from this lie, it isn't YOU or I.