Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3: Chemtrails at 7:00 AM

Just thought I'd note this here (in case anyone else is looking).

They are spraying this morning, east to west, in long dashes.

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  1. Chemtrails notepad
    September 2009 to Today


    January 26 2010 Daily Record writes 'Air, soil, water being "poisoned"'.

    February 4 a petition is published on PetitionSite 'Investigate Persistent Contrails AKA Chemtrails'.

    February 7 2010 Nolan Chart publishes 'Chemtrails over the Ozarks--why ask “why”?--“Why” ask I!!!...'.

    February 14 Nolan Chart writes 'Chemtrails -- In Retrospect...'.

    February 20 Science Now writes 'Smattering of Activists Protest Geoengineering, 'Chemtrails''.

    February 23 Vaccine Resistance Movement writes 'VRM: Morgellons Syndrome & Chemtrails'.

    February 25 The Macon County News publishes 'Chemtrails returning cause for concern'.

    March 3 2010 writes 'What In The World Are They Spraying?'.

    Read the full Chemtrails notepad with media references at