Monday, May 14, 2012

(S)Mother's Day in Ottawa

Just a quick observation from yesterday, Mother's Day, which I spent outside in the garden being sprayed from above. The trials were so dense and you could actually see particulate falling down towards the earth. It was so thick at times I swear I could smell it, a strange sort of dry chemical smell. When the trails ceased my mid afternoon, the smell was gone as well. It was the first time I have ever noticed an odour, it was really unpleasant. Not a single cloud in the sky was real. Thanks to these crazy people for such a memorable mother's day. Blech.


  1. These two Images should look very familiar then.

  2. Yes, the second one especially, where you can see the drifting particulate. Very good shot.

    Did you smell anything?

    1. Sorry meant the first one. While I so see these trails spread out often covering the whole sky, I don't see the particulate falling as often, but hey they went all out that day.