Saturday, November 27, 2010

Excellent blog post and article

I know I haven't posted anywhere in a while. Life gets in the way sometimes. That said, I would like to share a link to a fellow bloggers wonder post on Chemtrails, in which another link to a suberb documentary is listed:

Undeleted Evidence: Chemtrails? What's all this about then?

Thank you HHQ for your endeavour.

BTW - they continue on an almost daily basis to bombard us here in the nation's capital with these things - soon the younger generations will think these are all just 'normal' contrails... but they ARE NOT.

Please look up, please ask questions.


  1. Indeed, pay heed and scrutinise the natural ceiling above our heads. We must defend ourselves from their undeclared war in all forms, and vigilance in all directions is critical to our survival.

    Much gratitude to you Magdelena for your gracious advert and comments. Your blogsite is a great resource for those interested in stratospheric admiration or the destructive machinations carried out in the skies.


  2. Thanks to you HHQ! What I find so disturbing is that even when you point these trails out to people, they often just shrug their shoulders as if to say: So what...


    I will endeavour to make some more posts, as it is winter now and I won't be outside playing in the garden as much (I'll be inside playing with the garden - heh :) ).