Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21 - Skywatching...

As I follow my regular Saturday morning routine (housework, radio etc) I have watched the sky to the south turn a glowing silver haze.

Here are some pics, so far. I may add some later as the day proceeds:

November 21 09 (2)
8:15 am EDT Nov. 21 09 Southern Sky

8:20 am EDT Nov. 21 09 Due Eastern Sky

November 21 09 (1)
8:21 am Nov. 21 09 Western Sky

Just an update, I saw quite a few when doing the shopping, sadly didn't have cam or phone with me. They were dashes rather than full straight lines.

This is interesting because when they disperse they tend to look more 'natural'

Like this beautiful example of typical wispy cirrus clouds at sunset:

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