Monday, October 26, 2009

Chemtrails over Ottawa

Just thought I'd stick up some shots I took on October 9. This aerosol spraying has been going on daily. On this particular day, I was working outside in the garden, getting ready for winter and such, so I was outside pretty much all afternoon. That evening, I was sneezing my head off - so were ALL my cats. The next day, my throat was scratchy and sore, nose running like a tap. I DO not have any allergies.

Anyway, here some pics for your viewing pleasure:

"X" trail and an older one

The "X" trail again

Oct 9 ALL Chemtrails

More bleeding clouds - one older one newer


  1. I just copied this from my regular blog, so if you're thinking you've seen these before - YOU DID! And clearly are not insane.

    Though I might be...


  2. Hey Buff, I never did understand this clip but I always liked the song. And it's certainly germane.

  3. Thank you!!
    Gosh between you and Edo I have had a few blasts from the past recently - both of them terribly emotional... but in a good way oddly.


  4. I'm glad you did this. These chem-trails are very important.

  5. I looked out at the sky in Marmora today, the chemtrails have faded but they are dense, in parallel and too many to count.

    I suspect they are spaying over less populated areas to have the wind blow it over to more populated areas.

    I've never seen so many trails. They almost look like regular clouds but the linear pattern is clear. In another few hours I estimate they will look like clouds.(North of Marmora - not directly overhead).

  6. Hey Doug, it's crazy isn't it?

    Do you have a digi cam? Take some pics, I'll be glad to post 'em up here!

    I looked up Marmora on the 'map' (wink) heck you're not far at all from me now! About two and half hours perhaps - how long does it take to get to Smiths Falls from where you are?